December 26, 2011
Hello to all my visitors! ♥ How u doing today? I have had nightmares at night, as my waking up was pretty .. stressful, haha. I was finally talking to my boyfriend a little, even though out skype connection is really fucked up. And I am getting ready, slowly, to go away, since we are traveling to another city today. Just me and eS this time, just like the old times. Going to a concert of our favorite rap group, MR - don't think I have to talk about them anymore, I have explained who they are so many times already, haha! 
btw. I am wearing the necklaces eS got for me .. and I love 'em! ♥
I am not sure if we're gonna have internet connection at the hotel, so I am not sure when I will be able to post anything. So .. see you tomorrow evening! :)


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