December 24, 2011
So how was your christmas eve? I hope you enjoyed it. I gotta say, this year was much better at my house than usual. Yeah yeah, the day was a bit stressful, but those are the preparations and I guess we all got used to them. Anyways, we all - everytime I say that, it seems like there's a lot of us. Just to make it clear, we all = mom, dad & me. Oh, and Kiki, the cat, haha! ♥ But of course, the Christmas dinnes was amazing, as always - and vegetarian, as always and the whole evening went good. :)
But the best part of the evening was seeing my parents be happy with the gifts I got for them. It was just CDs, but still. I just love to give presents to my loved ones and to see them happy about it. And I am thankful for the gifts I got - and mostly for the new closet-ish thing (I can't remember the name, somehow) and the new sheets. Shortly said, for the new stuff I got for my new apartment in Berlin! ♥ Oh and when thinking of Berlin - I have to say, I really miss it. It is nice seeing my friends - but it is not that nice missing my new friends, missing the apartment, missing just .. everything about it! Missing the happiness that I feel when I am there. 

But anyways, the best present I got was the opportunity, to spend these couple of days with my family. I have really missed them. And with eS ♥



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