December 9, 2011
Yeah, finally Friday! I was so excited for the weekend the last couple of days, just because I was really tired and without energy and today, I can finally relax and chill a little. After I do so, I will have to take a quick shower, clean up my room a little and prepare the apartment for the party tonight - our Einweihungsparty. 
I will try to take as many pictures as possible - or let someone take as many pictures as possible with my camera - and put them on the blog afterwards, as always. 
Oh and actually, I forgot to tell you, that we finally got new laptops from the school! ♥ And I gotta say, I'm satisfied. The sound is much better than on my Vaio, the Webcam quality is also much much better. It is quite heavy, but what can you do ..? ;) And I also forgot to tell you about my little shopping trip yesterday. I went with my friend Nils, got some nice presents for my friends, eS and my parents! I am proud of myself! :DD
Have you already bought some presents for your family & friends? Do you have any party plans for the weekend? Let me know! 

picture source: Tumblr 


  1. yeah!! I love this day! and i haven't bought any present yet..i am ill all the time..maybe next weekend;) but yeeeah I have party plans! today!:D but only a little party in my place:)

  2. I haven't had time to even think about presents, I really want to though.


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