December 21, 2011
 I haven't worn red lipstick in such a long time! Actually, i couldn't find the one I used to put on sometimes, but now I finally have a new one, thanks to my wonderful MK! ♥ She gave me a christmas present today (or as she says, the first half of it, haha!) including a red lipstick, a gel eye-liner, a mascara and a nailpolish. And of course, I couldn't resist wearing red lipstick when going out for a little girl-evening to town ;D And making some "interesting" pictures while being bored at home ;DD Oh and not to forget, I am adding one of my favorite good-mood tracks. Rihanna - Cockiness


  1. the mouthpictures are sooo cute :D

  2. Do you really think so? Thanks! ♥

  3. looks great:) I can't do this thing with my tongue..what a shame :D

  4. As I said,you are so beautiful! :) <3

  5. Cee: Thanks so much!♥
    Tyna: Thank you :) Haha, most of my friends can do it, but my best friend can't, so we always laugh at her when she's trying :DD
    Helena: !!! ♥


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