December 21, 2011
 I am really, really bad in packing gifts! :DD Fortunately, you can't see it that much on this picture, but still .. :D But it is kind of fun, to finally get all of them ready! :) And after packing gifts yesterday, we had a little night-fiesta with Lina, my cousin. I made soup and then we stuffed ourselves with loads of caramel ice cream! ↓ Gotta love these free days! ♥
Afterwards, eS came here (around 23:30, haha), we had a nice evening and then went to bed .. This morning, I had to go to my dentist appointment, which wouldn't be that bad - if I wouldn't have to wait for damn hour and a half!! And then I had lunch with my MK! ♥ Finally. And tonight, I am meeting the other girls :) Hope you will have a nice evening too .. 


  1. The ice looks so delicious! :O And I think you done a good work with the presents. :)

    You're one of the most beautiful blogger I know,you know that? (: <3

  2. Helena: Oh that ice cream WAS delicious, haha! ♥ And thanks so much, you made my day! :)


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