December 24, 2011
I recorded this video yesterday, and as you can see, I was really tired, my voice (after thursday) sounded like hell and I was wearing barely any make up. In the end, I just told myself - fuck it. But I really wanted to thank you in a video, no matter how I sounded or looked yesterday. ;DD 

And once again, merry & peaceful Christmas and THANKS! ♥


  1. Shut up, you are always beautiful! I wish,that I could look like that,when I'm stressesd. :P

    I wish you merry christmas! Have a wonderful day with your family or friends. <3

  2. Tereza: To you too! ♥

    Tyna: Haha, thanks! Just like I wrote on your blog, prajem šťastné a veselé! ;)

    Helena: Haha, you're crazy! :DD Wish you merry christmas too! ♥


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