January 18, 2012
God, I can't even describe, how awful I am feeling right now. I woke up today, with my kidney hurting even worse than the last few days. But then, I finally gave in and took some pain killers, which helped a little. Around lunch, I started feeling kind of hungry, so I made something to eat, but the feeling didn't go away. And since then, my head is spinning, my sight is kind of blurry and the only thing I want and need to do is sleep. I have no idea what is wrong with me. 
Anyways, back to my kidneys. I have been to a normal doctor, who didn't know what it was, so she sent me to nefrology (kidney-doctor), who gave me a date on Monday. Yes, you are hearing right. So somehow, I have to stay alive to Monday and then we will see, what happens next.

Anyways, I love reading your comments to my posts, in the last time, you started commenting a little more and I really appreciate that ♥ Love you guys! Hope everyone is doing better, than me .. :)


  1. Oh sweetie, I hate knowing that you are sick, I hope you will get better soon.
    As you know, the riots are still on the streets of Romania and we went out too, again. And now my back and knees hurt like hell.
    So, I'm sending you a HUGE HUG! From a person in pain to an other person in pain.

  2. Darling, so sorry to hear you feel sick...get well soon, you're in my prayers, a big hug for you, with much affection from Italy ! xoxox Vale

  3. oh poor you..hopue you'll feel better soon;)

  4. Im so sorry dear.. Im hoping you will get better soon ;(
    Im just having SUNDAY WISH-LIST ,and I would be really happy if you could join it :)

  5. poor you!! I'm so sorry for you, honey, I hope you will feel better soon. :-*

  6. *zrovna jsem přišla na to, že ten název "muži kteří nenávidí ženy" je správně přeložený...z toho švédského originálu;) to američani to přeložili trapně;)

  7. No new post... this means that you are still sick. I'm so so sorry.
    Hope you will get better soon sweetie.

  8. *
    Ouuu..(( To je teda zacházení.(( Tak snad se ti aspoň přes ten víkend udělá lépe!.)) Vydrž to do Pondělka.;o)

  9. hope you're feeling better!

    Take care!




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