January 6, 2012
Hello my darlings ♥ I woke up like 20 minutes ago, so I am still pretty sleepy, but before I go out for a  meeting, I decided to write a little about my past few and next few days. After my stomach started acting up again yesterday, I decided to go home from school a little earlier - and I also wanted to spend some time with eS before she went home.Then I went to the Hauptbahnhof with her, where she took the bus to the airport. I got pretty used to her being here, but at the same time, I know that she's gonna come in February again, so it's not such a big deal.
a picture with my boyfriend. ♥ I can't belive we weren 't even together back then!
Today, I decided not to go to school, since I am not feeling that great and I also have to meet with one man, whom I interview for my project for the second time already. In the evening, my housemate is going to have a little party here, with her friends and the next morning, my boyfriend is coming! I am pretty excited about it, even though I will still have to go to school every day he is here. // But well, what can I do? Seeing him after two months is exciting sowieso.

So, how have you spend the past few days? What are you planning on doing the next couple of days? 


  1. adorable picture haha.. :-)

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  2. cool photo ! Im planning to study math for exam on Wednesday :( Im pretty sure you are really happy to finally spend some time with you bf after such a long period :)

  3. maybe it could be too personal, but isn't it hard for you, to leave so far away from your boyfriend? or it's better, cause (that's what i understood reading your latest note) you recently got together (so you both were together one time, then broke up, and got back, right?).

  4. I don't mind personal questions, so .. here is my answer: well, it is not hard. We were together for a month or so before I left, which means it wasn't that hard getting used to having a long-distance relationship :) no no, we just got together, we never dated and broke up before :)


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