January 11, 2012
 I decided to post some photos from my graduation ball, I am not sure if I have posted any before, but now, I had some time to pick the best ones and to edit them the way I really like it .. enjoy!
 ↑ the class dance ↓ listening to the teachers and the prinicipal

 ↑ the dance ↓ my ex classmates ♥

 ↑ .. no comment :DD ↓ Petush "the massacre"

 ↑ Petush, the little hip-hop gangsta & Mih ♥ ↓ singing "You make me wanna die" and "Come together"

 ↓↑ ♥

 ↑ entertainment. the magic - duell ↓ baywatch

 ↑ boxing! ↓


  1. These photos are so beautiful, I'm really glad you shared them with us.

  2. Die Bilder sind sooo cool, das war bestimmt so lustig. :-) hübsche Ballerinas hahahaha!

  3. You look greatt ! * Fun photos *

  4. wow great pictures!!
    du siehst total hübsch aus!!!

  5. Im so glad you shared this with us :) Great photos ! And you looked just stunning !

  6. Your grad ball looks like it was a lot of fun! Dancing and role playing and a lot of picture taking. With all these activities you’ve done, I’m sure the sumptuous buffet was left without a trace after the event. :D Did you throw your own graduation party? How are you doing so far, by the way?


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