January 22, 2012
 Yes, for three days, I have been trying to eat healthy. Bananas nad apples for breakfast yesterday, today I the same, also with an orange. Yummy! Of course, on the next picture you can see potato .. umh. Don't really know how it's called in english, haha. They are not that healthy, but since I don't have that much food at home right now, I can't really choose, haha. That was my lunch, also with a tomato soup I got from my friend Knut. It was really delish! *___*
 And not to forget, loads and loads of tea! Not just the tea which is good for your kidneys, I am also drinking some "normal tea" now, too .. tell me, which one of these is your favorite? I gotta say, I was never a big fan of "Magic Moments", because I just don't like tea with oranges - flavour. But the "Fruit Kiss" and Lord Nelson "Waldfrucht" are just AMAZING! I can't get enough! "Granny's Finest" is good once a day, but not more, it's this weird taste, but well ..

So tell me, which one of these 4 would you pick? :)

And about my health - I was doing better already. I am doing better already. The kindey still hurt, but it's not as bad as it was the last week. I have spent this whole weekend in bed, just relaxing and trying to get better. Tomorrow, I have an appointment at the kidney-doctors, I am really curious about what he is going to say to me about my condition. 

I hope you've had an amazing weekend! 


  1. Awww yummy *.*
    Can i ask you how do you edit your pics ? wich program ?


  2. bramboráky :D:D a magic moments je nej čaj:P

  3. Lord Nelson - Wald Frucht je nejlepší čaj všech čajů, a v Berlíně si ho kupujeme pokaždé, co tam jsme^^ A nechápu, že tady v Lidlu ho neprodávaj!:-@

  4. I used to drink so much tea that I can't stand it anymore.

  5. *
    Já miluju všechny ovocné!!.)) A je jedno jestli je to naše dobrá česká 'Jemča' nebo 'Pickwick' nebo 'Teekanne' - i když ty jsou bomba!.))
    Řekla bych, že by se to anglicky dalo napsat jako "Potato flat cake" nebo tak nějak.. DD


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