January 16, 2012
Hi my lovely visitors! ♥ I am writing this entry from my bed, tucked in my sheets, wearing my scarf, socks, sweaters and other warm clothing. Yeah, Petush is really not feeling this good. Yesterday, my right kidney started hurting really badly. I thought it might go away in just a little while, since I have experienced this pain a couple of weeks ago. But since it's just getting worse and worse - and to that, I have to run to the bathroom every few minutes, it's not really okay. I went to the doctor's today, but she wasn't there today. So I have to wait for tomorrow to get some help - and to find out what is going on, actually. 
greetings from the bed from me and my kidney-pain! :D
I hope it is not that bad, since I really hate missing out on school and so on - and mostly, because this week we have it together with John, which means the lessons are interestig, much more interesting and important like last week with the other prof. But well, health is on the first place, right? At least it should be. And I should start caring a bit more about my health, because now, there is no mom or dad who would take care of me when I am in bed feeling bad.



  1. I hope you will get well soon, I really do.

  2. poor you:/ wish you better times, dear ;) *

  3. for some reason, my "answer" comment function still isn't working // So ..

    Thanks Tereza, I really appreciate it! ♥

    Thank you Tyna too .-*

    Danke schön Tonia ♥

  4. Erst einmal dankeschön für dein Kommentar ;* Und danach: Du hast einen wirklich wunderschönen Blog, muss ich gleich folgen und .. zu deinem Kommentar: Ich könnte es auch niemals so beschreiben, daher hat es mein Schatz gemacht c; Ich bin für sowas total unfähig. <3

  5. You're a really pretty girl! Such nice hair! :)


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