January 15, 2012
Well hello there ♥ As you could see, I haven't posted - and wasn't really in the mood to post anything accept for the French Toast recipe yesterday. I woke up at 13:00, made some french toast and spent the whole day in bed. Why? Well, yeah, we went to the "Prestige" party on Friday. Even though from our group, there was only Pascale and me, but whatever - we rocked it anyways! We came home around 04:00 in the morning, which is pretty early in Berlin, as I got to know before. I have to say, the party was pretty good - except for the DJ. Don't you just hate it, when he plays some shitty songs the whole evening and then, he plays one really damn good song - and stops it in the middle?! I mean. I am really angry when they do this and believe me, there wasn't one good song he would play, that would last longer than a minute and half. 
Anyways, I haven't made as many pictures as I wanted to make before, there is just one usable - and I didn't even want to post that one, since my cheek has gone wild, somehow :DD

I hope you've had a nice Friday (or Saturday) evening/night too!


  1. I'm so happy you had fun.
    And I know so well what you mean when a dj sucks... my bf is a dj and it's so hard to go at parties where the dj doesn't even know how to mix.

  2. ty len na same party chodíš :D
    zvidim. tam musíš mať lepšie ako na slovensku :D


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