January 25, 2012
Hello there. How is everyone doing? I have had a pretty .. normal day, I'd say? Even though there was only three of us in the class today, which was, well, weird. So I went home a little earlier today, after I have stuffed myself with pasta & a brownie at school. Delicious! *____* Now I am at home, in a couple of minutes, I'll go shopping for food, since I don't have anything to cook anymore.

Anyways, I have to say I have been feeling really good the last two days - no pain! Can't even believe it! No pain in the kidneys at all. And other than that, I am trying to eat as many vitamins as possible, still, and get enough of sleep. Couldn't do that while I was sick, I couldn't fall asleep and then I was waking up all the time because of the pain. I think you can see the lack of sleep on the picture .. ;D And, yeah. New picture, as you can see, I played with the colors, as always .. kind of catches the weather we had to day, I'd say. So, how was your day today? Hope you like the pic ;D


  1. Pořád máš naprosto krásné vlasy!:-*

  2. beautiful as always! I am very happy to read that you feel so much better finally. :-)

  3. Keep up with the vitamins, I know it sucks, but ... me, I take vitamins for almost a two years and I have no more headaches and I used to not be able to get out of bed sometimes because of my eyes.

  4. beautiful hair!

  5. *
    Je fajn, že se cítíš už v pohodě!!.)) Moje Středa byla celkem klidná, ale to není moc zajímavé.DD Pořád jen - práce, práce, práce.. DD
    A fotka je krásná - jsi fotogenická!.)) A nemáš trochu jinak vytrhané obočí? Mě to teda aspoň tak připadne.DD

  6. Anon: Hahaha, nenávidím svoje vlasy :D Totálne zničené a neplatné :DD

    RsM: S obočím som si nič nerobila, ale tá moja ľavá strana je celá akási divná na tejto fotke :DD

  7. *
    Ale prd divná..Hehehh..)) a jestli máš vlasy zničené, tak si dávej masky.;o) Nebo sérum od Oriflamu - Regenerační nesmývací sérum HairX.
    (Sice je to jen na konečky, ale já to používám i na horní část vlasů, když je třeba..DD

  8. Really like it! :)
    Your hair is very nice,

    Toni von FAIBLE

  9. Your hair looks amazing :)

    xoxo Emma ♥


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