January 4, 2012
I wanted to post this article a little earlier, but since I found out, that it wasn't saved, I didn't feel like posting it again. So I will do it a little differently, than I wanted, but never mind .. 
January, February, March. In January, I fell in love. That is one thing I remember about this month. We also partied a lot, because we knew, that a couple of months later, we would have to graduate. Finally, the little class fights have ended, cause in December, we had our graduation party and other stuff to organize. February was mind of boring. Or actually, it was rather depressing. I didn't realize what I could have had and in March, I saw it, because I have already lost it. Anyways, other than that, we wrote out first part of graduation on March 15th and then at the end of the month, we partied hard to celebrate it. 
April .. we had to learn so much for graduation! I also traveled a bit, through the whole Slovakia because of a concert of my friends, me and eS went to a Bushido concert in Vienna, which was amazing!! And then, at the end of April and the beginning of May, it was time to learn for graduation. We graduated and a ll of a sudden, out highschool years have ended. And I have to say, sometimes I miss it. I have spent 8 years in that school, I knew everyone, everyone knew me and it was just .. comfortable. But better things were about to come. In June, the partying continued, since we were free from school, free from work .. and the 6 month holidays were just beginning. 
July was the month when me and eS went to the US. I was so glad I could introduce all my friends from Atlanta to her! To show her what I love there and also to finally see all of them, after two years. ♥ But after two and a half weeks, it was time to go home again. With eS, we celebrated our 18th birthday, and then, I had to take care of my future. Was I supposed to go to Vienna and stay at home, with my old friends and my family? Or should I follow my dream and go to Berlin? As soon as I visited both universities in August, it was clear - Berlin is the right choice! ♥ In the beginning of September, me, eS and my parents went to Greece for a short trip and after coming back, I was going to Vienna so often, since eS was about to start school there and never wanted to do the formalities alone. 
 In October, all of my friends started going to school and I was bored. I started looking for work - but didn't find anything, of course. Once again, we traveled to a concert of my friends - and I got together with my current boyfriend. At the end of the month, I had my GoodBye party and the first week of November, I moved to Berlin, into the apartment. Then, my school started, I got to know new people, found friends and realized, how lucky I am to be here. After 10 months, I felt genuinely happy. And I still do. In December, it was time for me to go home, celebrate Christmas, go to a concert of my favorite rap group - and I have spent Silvester here, in Berlin. Where I belong .. 

We will see, what the next year brings me. What are you expecting for the next year? Did you set yourself any goals? 


  1. I was a really full year for you.
    Me... my 2011 was a bad year, it sucked, I'm really glad it ended and that it's behind me :).
    Good luck to us in 2012!!!

  2. Thank you so much for the comment!
    I want to wish you a great 2012 !!! :D***


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