February 26, 2012
FRIDAY. Well, I have posted a very lazy and low-on-energy video on Friday. But very soon after I have posted it, my spirits were lifted a little higher, so on the way to Knut, I was in a very good mood. We stayed there for a couple of hours and then went to the club. Somehow, it took us pretty long to come to "Kater Holzig", and in the end, they didn't even let us in. Why? Me and eS aren't 21 yet. WTF?! Are we in the USA, or what?! So we went to Tresor for the rest of the evening .. and came home after 7:00am. 
and once again, I didn't have my camera with me .. so I am posting one of my favorite party/dancing photos. This one is from New Year's 2010/2011. Me & Uwe on the dance floor, haha! ♥

SATURDAY. Uhm, nothing. We finished watching "The Tudors", or actually eS did. I watched all of it for the second time. But still, I was the one crying, just like the first time I watched all of it. Or just like I did when I watch the execution of Anne Boleyn, haha. I am still not sure, if I liked her, or Henry more. Both of them are just .. epic! *___*

and I just saw this picture on my Facebook. It made me think of summer and how much I it! But at least the Spring is slowly approaching us! *___*
SUNDAY. eS is packing right now, tomorrow she is going home. I am just chilling, thinking of whom I will vote, since I should send the voting papers back to Slovakia as soon as possible. So .. yeah, this Friday was good, the rest of the weekend was good too - just relaxing and chilling, just like I like to do it on S&S. 

I hope you have all had a great weekend! Btw. have any of you watched "The Tudors"? - If yes, who was your favorite character ..? Or your favorite queen?
Petush ♥


  1. you have great legs hun:) ♥

  2. Hell yes for "The Tudors" an awesome show, and I love his character, Henry is an amazing person and the way they wrote his character is pure perfection.


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