February 1, 2012
Is it right to call Berlin my home? Is Bratislava .. also my home? Ugh, I am confused, I can't even decide, where I feel more at home. Anyways, I am all ready to go to Berlin Hauptbahnhof to catch my train to Slovakia - 9 hours of traveling. Not that I haven't traveled longer already (example: all those flights to Atlanta, 11 or more hours), but this will be my first train ride this long. But well, I have my book, my music, my laptop (= a lot of work) and I am also very, very tired, since I couldn't fall asleep yesterday.
So that should be okay. What I'm worried about is this fucking cold weather, I mean, it's getting too cold even for me, even if I am wearing really warm clothing. But at least the sun is shining today :) Anyways, I am pretty excited about seeing my friends, my parents .. even though I will be spending there only two days. So now, I should continue with getting ready so that I can leave in 30 minutes. 

Have a nice day ♥ 


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    Já jsem celkem za tu pravou zimu teď ráda, ale nečekala jsem ji až v takových mínusech.. uuu, brr! Doma si to užij (klidu, rodiny, přátel,atd.;o))
    A ty máš jen 9 hodin, já jezdím 16..DD Jsi na tom ještě dobře.))

  2. I hate this weather..have a nice ride;)

  3. The weather is crazy cold here too, there's snow and I LOVE IT!
    I know what you mean about "home", I used to feel like this the first few months I moved way from home. Now, I'm here, in Bucharest for 4 years and this is HOME!!!

  4. Good luck with your trip darling!!
    Don't worry, you are not the only one complaining about all the cold!
    Stay warm!
    Thanks for your lovely comment.



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