February 23, 2012
Song of the Day. For a long time, I wanted eS to make a new blog design for me - and since I hope she will do this soon, the categories will change. But just a little. I think the most of you know the category "Tumblr of the Day" here. Well, I am not tumblin' as much as I used, and that's why there won't be any Tumblr of the Day anymore, but just ".. of the day". Anything .. a song, a picture, a video, anything inspiring.

And as you can see, the first ".. of the day" is a song. A song which I have heard about thousant times .. and I still love it. "New York I Love You" by LCD SoundSystem. I think it perfectly captures my mood from today & yesterday. Well, I hope you will like it too .. 

And it also reminds me of one of the "Skins" episodes, since that's how I came to this song. And we all know how much I love "Skins" ♥


  1. I love skiiins!! a tuhle písničku si možná pamatuju.)

    1. It was the last episode of the 2nd season - when Cassie arrived to NYC :)


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