February 11, 2012
Finally, we partied a little! Well, a lot, haha! We had some fun at Knut's already, as you can clearly see from the first picture. And since I fell in love with his police cap, I wore it during the whole evening, also in the UBahn, as you can see on the 2nd picture. Anyways, we have almost missed the concert, since it took us a little longer to get there and then to find the right street. But the part that we saw was really great, I have enjoyed myself - and of course also after the concert, when we were just dancing, dancing & dancing. Too much, haha. We came home around 5am, because we thought that we were gonna go to Teufelsberg to record out documentary today, but since we have only had a couple of hours of sleep, we decided to do that yesterday.
That means I will spend this whole day in bed together with eS eating tons of food, drinking tons of fluids and just relaxing. Just ordered asian noodles and other good stuff, so in a little while, tie fiesta will begin! 

I wish you a relaxing Saturday - and maybe a party evening today? Not for me, haha!
Petush ♥


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time. I will party tonight, we are going to see Onra and I can't wait.

  2. hell yes!:D I had two "party" evenings :D relaxing is for Sunday:)

  3. The police hat is awesome hahaha, you look great with it. :-P


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