February 15, 2012
Hello my darlings! ♥ Do you have any idea how happy you made me through the comments the last few days? Thanks for that!! You are really amazing guys, taking the time to comment every day! Special thanks goes to Tereza [VISIT HER BLOG HERE] who is one of the nicest people I have met in this blogging world. And of course also to Tyna, Sina, RsM_YinYang and all the others ♥
me & knut - our typical school picture. this one was taken today :)
Anyways, today was a nice day again - me and eS went shopping. And even though I hate shopping, this time it wasn't that bad .. since I have bought a really nice bag, which I was looking for for a long time and also some other nice stuff (I will post some photos later, of course!). And then, we have eaten Subway, so all the bad facts from the shopping trip got stuck somewhere in the back of my head and got covered with thoughts about my good food, haha! 

But tomorrow will be a little worse. We have a "Prüfung" tomorrow - from 9:00 to 17:00, we will be cutting some video - and then we will continue on Friday. Ughghsdas. But Friday evening will make all of this better - at least I hope so. I am pretty excited! So, I beg you to wish me luck tomorrow. I am really not good at cutting, so .. please, think of me! 

Have a nice day tomorrow ♥ And thanks again for making the past few days a bit better with your nice comments! 
Love, Petush ♥


  1. Good luck for tomorrow love :)*

    Love the red hat on you ! ehe


  2. YOU ARE THE SWEETEST!!! You made my day smile, that is why I want you to check out this facebook link, it's for you honey
    KISSES :).

    1. Haha, you just made me smile too with that. Thanks ♥


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