February 20, 2012

and since I was in my kinder mode, my friends Knut & Käse got this shopping cart for me - it was stuck in one bush as Teufelsberg. And then, Knut made it a roller coaster ride, after I decided that I wanted to be driven in it down the hill .. ;DD That's what I call re-living my childhood ♥

Hello there! :) This is just a very quick post - since I have to go take a bath very quickly and then to sleep, because I am just too tired. After the bad sleep I have had the last night and waking up pretty early for Teufelsberg, I am just done and I need my many hours of sleep! So I will post the photos, a videoblog and some other stuff later, maybe tomorrow during school, or even the day after that, we will see. 

I hope you have had a great Monday - even though the most of you are like me and hate mondays, haha! 
Petush ♥ 

PS: I am really sorry I have not been checking out your blogs the last couple of days, I promise I will get to that as soon as I have some more free time. And the same thing goes for me not answering all of your emails etc .. I will better myself (or however you say it in english, I am kind of in my german-mode right now ;DD)


Anything to say about this post/my blog? Let me know! You know comments make me happy ♥