February 14, 2012
I didn't even realize it was Valentine's Day until I saw the posts from the blogs I am following, haha. I am not a big fan of this day - simply because I don't see the reason to celebrate anything on this day. What's the actual point?
me with a teddy I got for Valentine's Day a loooong time ago. The roses he is holding were sprayed with my then-boyfriend´s perfume. That was a good idea! *__*

Spending time with the one you love? Giving each other presents? Goint to a restaurant or something? 

No thank you. I think that all of these things should be done more often than just on one day in a year. And yeah, I know the most couples do them more often, but why do we need Valentine's then? I don't see the point. 
Anyways, I remember spending Valentine's Day a couple of years ago with my (now) ex-boyfriend - and I kind of liked it, I have to admit. You know, the thing is, I am not a romantic person. I like romance when it's spontaneous, but I hate it in the movies, or when it's planned in real life. I despise it. But that one time, it was pretty okay, even though I think I'd pick something else to do, if I had the choice. 

Two years ago, I have spent Valentine's Day with my other ex-boyfriend just the way I like it. We went to the movie theatre - and watched "Law Abiding Citizen", which is one of my favorite movies. I still thing, that this is the perfect movie to watch on Valentine's Day - at least for me! 
And today, I will spend the day with my lovely eS. First, we will go cheer for our Tucholsky (my class in school) boys - since they are playing against the other class from our Winter Semester 2011, the Kisch's. And then we will go eat to my favorite indian restaurant here in Berlin. I have been trying to go there from the day we got here - and today, we finally found the time! Yeah!

What do you think about Valentine's Day? How are you planning on celebrating it - or are you going to celebrate it at all? And last, but not least - I wish all of you a great time today, doesn't matter if you are a Valentine's Day fan, or not!
Petush ♥


  1. I don't do V day, but I'm sending you all my love and I want to tell you that I really appreciate our friendship that grew in our little blog world.

    1. ♥ I think I've already said it, but I have to say it again. You are one of the most amazing people I have gotten to know in this blog-world, you are so unbelievably nice and supportive! ♥ I am really glad we got to know each other :)

  2. I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, because I don't have a boyfriend. Buuut I think it's a nice day for all couples all over the world. :)

    Do you know, that you are sooo pretty? :*

  3. *
    Taky ho neoslavuju!.DD Mě to taky přijde zbytečné, ale když už třeba nějakého toho přítele zrovna v té době mám a on by to oslavovat chtěl.. budiž..)) Ale jinak ne-e.)
    Krásná foto s míšou!.))

  4. Thank you so much babe..
    I hope your Valentine's day was the best..


  5. I don't celebrate it at all since I consider it as absolutely pointless. I want love every day. :-D


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