February 28, 2012
I have been thinking .. is there a possibility that this would be true? And if it is - is anyone able, not to think about the future? Because as far as I am concerned, I think about the future all the time. I mean, anything happens and you just have to think about what happens next, isn't it like that? Maybe not all the time, but very, very often! And how can it be the way to someones happiness? I mean, you have to think about the future in order to .. make the happiness happen. Of course, not all the time, you will be able to plan something like that, but you have to think about thinkgs like that .. right? Or maybe I am just too uptight and wanting to be too much in control over the situation. I like to have control over everything .. of course, this doesn't happen that often and of course, being the little chaotic that I am, there are just so many spontaneous things happening - and I love that, I always have. I do like to live the moment, but you gotta think of the future. I love to imagine the future, I love think of all the different ways things could go. But is this good, or bad? 

What do you think? Is living the moment and not thinking about the future a possible way to a bigger and better happiness? Or is it just a nice quote, which doesn't mean anything? Do you like to think about the future as much as I do? Tell me, please!


  1. If something that you didn't plan made you happy, it makes you think about the future, you want it to happen again and you wonder if it ever will happen again to make you that happy again :) it goes hand in hand.

  2. Yes!!! You have to live in the now, it's something I've realized a few months ago and I'm sorry it took me 25 years to get here. But I'm happier now, I really am.

  3. Great pic dear! Really like your blog, keep posting!


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