February 4, 2012
me yesterday, happy about the decision with my boyfriend and also glad and excited to be going back to Berlin ♥
Hello there my dear visitors! I am finally in Berlin again, after 9 hours in the train. But at least I wasn't alone this time. Coming back here, there is snow everywhere, I hate it! :D But since it is Berlin, I don't mind it that much .. Anyways, what's new? Other than eS being here with me now, I am kind of single now .. well, in an open relationship. Somehow, me and my boyfriend decided, that it will be the best choice for us, since he lives in Slovakia and I live here now. And I am not planning on coming back there. Ever! :D So .. yeah. Right now, me and eS are going to enjoy some good food, some good movies and just .. relax!  
me and eS in the train. first, trying to make at least one good photo - on the second picture realizing, that with this light, it is impossible ;DD
Enjoy your weekend! 
Petush ♥


  1. máte úžasné vlasy;)
    taky si užij víkend.)

  2. Oh girl, open relationship... I know how that goes :).

  3. Krásné fotky!!! Můžu se zeptat, kde studuješ tu žurnalistiku? Asi v Německu,co. Já bych to chtěla hrozně dělat, ale v Čechách nic podobného není:)


  4. Great pictures. I love your hair. You are so beautiful.
    Would be happy if you visit my blog, too and maybe follow or vote for me (details see last post). Would love you to. Lilly x

  5. Dobrý nápad/výber!:)
    Berlín je krásne mesto, prajem Ti nech sa Ti tam darí ;)

  6. Cute blog!



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