February 18, 2012
since I haven't taken any pictures yesterday, I decided to post this one. it is actually my favorite party picture of myself .. don't really know why. Maybe because you can kind of see that I am dancing, without really seeing my whole body in motion ..?

Oh my oh my .. until now, I was not really in the mood to write a new post or something, because we were just watching some series the whole day and relaxing. Or actually I was relaxing, eS was trying to .. feel a little more alive, since she was pretty exhausted after yesterday. Yeah, we were out yesterday, we visited one bar and 2 clubs, came home at 7:00am - and woke up 11:00am .. which means we will be going to bed very soon. I gotta say, I really enjoyed my evening and I think eS did too. I'm really happy for that, because I really wanted to take her out here in Berlin - and hoped that she would just enjoy herself maybe a little bit more, than the last weekend .. and I guess she did. I won't say anything else, just that the evening was really nice and ..

.. I hope your Friday night was as good, if not better, than ours was.
Petush ♥


  1. I googled "lomo blue" like..2h ago and google came up with the second photo :O

  2. I didn't go out Friday, we went out Saturday, I had so so so so so much fun! We got home at 5 in the morning and I just got up, thank God for Sunday :).

  3. *
    Relax je taky někdy třeba!.)) Já jsme se včera vydala do Luzernu na Karneval s tím, že bude trvat až do rána a ono ve 23:00 bum-bác. Fertig!.DD Tomu říkám žití v Sobotu večer!.DD
    Když se tak koukám na ty tvoje dlouhé vlasy, tak se mi po těch mých začíná stýskat.)) (i když někdy je to opravdu.. uh, je udržet v nějaké formě!.DD)


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