March 23, 2012
no make up and horrible hair. that's how I like to relax .. :)

 Well, today I decided to stay home. The weather was great and all, but I am feeling (this time physically) a lot of pain the last two days and I am also very tired, because I couldn't sleep well. So I will just stay at home tonight and chill, watch some series, play Sims (haha, finally!) and I will go to bed early. Because tomorrow, the guys from my class will go play football/soccer/however you wanna call it, and I am going with them of course. Hopefully, I will get some more photos than the last time, we will see. Anyways, here are some pictures of my whole class, three different compositions, but I like them all ..

+ here is a little close up at me with Knut & Kease :)

I wish you all a great Friday night!


  1. Deaar!! I hope now you are allright, I've worried when you said "I am feeling a lot of pain..." If you need something, just tell me and I will do whatever I can do. Here you have my e-mail
    And I hope you have fun tomorrow!! Have a nice weekend my dear <3


  2. Looking hot in these photos!
    Oh girl, you need to get out of this funk, you really need to, you know it's not good for you... Yeah, I'm talking, I haven't left my apartment since wednesday.

  3. Sims is my obsession...seriously :D

  4. dobreee fotky!!


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