March 5, 2012
While watching Sex And The City and also because of my skype-call with M. yesterday I realized, how much I miss my girls sometimes. The most of my friends are boys, as some of you may know, and here in germany, the only people I call my friends are boys. But in Slovakia, there is this little group of girls I call my friends. One of the best friends I have, I have ever had. And right now, I miss them so fucking much!
no, m., kay, me & eS at the graduation ball. And for some reason, my other Kay is missing from this picture!

 Just meeting for lunch and talking about everything. Their support and their advice and just .. you know, that girl time. Which I love so much, because it is not the typical girl time at all, and that's why I love it so damn much. Because none of us is that typical girl. And each of us is so different, but still, we click so well.
our last school picture ..
 And I really can't wait to see them again. Talking to Kay last week (was it last week? I think so) and to M. yesterday just reminded me of how much I need them. How much I miss them, how much I appreciate them and how much I love them ♥
the best talks ever. about everything, everyone .. and we can have them everyone. me, Kay & M. ♥


  1. wow !
    i really like these pictures :)

  2. supeeer fotky:) krásné jste!

  3. I know what you mean, one of my friends is in Italy and the other one is in Canada, and we say that we will talk, but life gets in the way, no e-mails for weeks... I try to do this as often as possible but when I don't hear back, it's a bit sad...


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