March 18, 2012
 Well, since I have spent my Friday evening at home, watching some movies and just relaxing, I decided to go to a park on Saturday with Knut and some of our other friends from the Uni. As you can see, it was really warm - well, untill the evening, that's when it started being colder than I would have wanted it to be - and it was nice to enjoy the sun and to spend my Saturday a little bit differently, than usually. And since I came home today around noon, I just went to bed with my laptop and read a little from my new book.
 I hope your weekend was great!
the celebrations of St. Patrick's Day in the park


  1. I can see you had great time ! You look amazing,love your edgy outfit :)

  2. to jsou skvělý fotky :DD:)

  3. Je to fajn niekedy si spraviť pauzu od všetkého a nechať si jeden deň chillovania len pre seba :))

  4. It was a really crazy weekend here too, a lot of partying and bed rest... so much needed bed rest.


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