March 6, 2012
a picture I have made ages ago, when I first got my Canon EOS. And I actually kind of like it, I used to dream a lot back then .. fortunately, many of those dreams came true by now.

Hello hello ♥ I don't really have much to say today, just that I had a nice day. Not a great day, but a nice day. I was talking to my best slovakian guy-friends, which was really nice, just to catch up and have some Skype fun today. Anyways, I am walking some reality show shit and I am going to go to bed very soon, I really miss some really good, really long beauty sleep ..

I wish you all a good night. 
Petush ♥


  1. I really like this picture :)

  2. erinnerst mich auf dem foto total an eine freundin von mir :-) musste echt zweimal hinschauen :-D sehr hübsch

  3. I like this picture :)

  4. Girl, I tagged you, check this out

  5. I like the pic even when it is too small ^_*
    found your blog because lovely Tereza tagged you ^_^
    I subscribe myself for your marvellous blog, maybe you like to visit my photoblog too, a small korean making pics about everything in her life in germany, ha ha

  6. That photo is amazing! Cool blog!
    follow u! xo


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