March 12, 2012
I actually don't really like the photo, but my friends told me they like my eyes on the picture, so .. I am posting it. What do you think?

Today was just an ordinary day, like every other. Not bad, not amazing either. The Uni was kind of interesting today and .. yeah. I am feeling kind of weird, or better said, my body is feeling weird, so I am trying to eat many more vitamines - I started making greek salad again and I'm also eating lots of fruits. Hopefully, my body will feel better soon. And I also decided to do MORE SPORTS. That's the most important thing I want to do right now, since it always made me feel better. I used to do so much sport when I was younger and the last one was hiphop dancing, which I really miss. I am the kind of person that just has to move when hearing a good beat, so .. yeah. Since our livingroom is absolutely empty, it provides a lot of space for dancing, push-ups, sit-ups and a lot more. And I promise - to you and myself - to start tomorrow! I have to!

Hope all of you had a great Monday! 
Petush ♥


  1. Du bist so wunderschön :o

  2. Ja, ich muss Sina zustimmen, du hast wunderschöne, ehrliche Augen!

  3. Yeah, this period of the year is really hard on our bodies, winter is gone and we need sun and warm weather. I started to take vitamins and eat healthier for a month now! I don't feel better, yet, I hope soon.
    And I hope you will feel better too, as soon as possible.

  4. u got such beautiful eyes!

  5. wow du bist einfach sooooo hübsch!

  6. You all made my day better ♥ Thanks :)


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