April 3, 2012
Hello everyone! ♥ First, I would like to apologize for not posting anything the last few days and also for not commenting and visiting your blogs. I just had absolutely no time to be online the last week, I had to study for the first real exam we had, eS was in Berlin, my parents came to Berlin too, so I was busy busy busy. And I am really not sure if I will be able to post a lot the next week either, because I am in Slovakia right now. I will be staying for 10 days and since we have really good weather right now, I am spending most of the time outside with my friends, catching up to all that has happened etc etc. But I promise to get back to my pattern of posting every day as soon as I come back to Berlin. Anyways, here are some more important things from the last/next few days: 

 × My parents decided to buy the apartment I found in Berlin for me. 
 × It doesn't look as good as we thought with eS' moving to Berlin and studying there. 
 × I got sick as soon as my body realized we have holidays, that's why I didn't record a videomessage - I sound and look like hell. 
 × I will be spending the next few days spending time with all the different groups of friends I have here in Slovakia. 
 × On Sunday we are going to a concert of a slovakian rapper (which I am not a big fan of) + our friends = PARTY!
 × I will be going back to Berlin on Thursday and even though I love and miss my people here in Slovakia, I can't wait to go back there already. 

Hope you are all doing good! ♥


  1. SO many new things, your own apartment, that is really cool.


  3. Slovakiaaa :))) Wow congrats to the apartment ! :)) Are you going to Rytmus? :D:D or..? :))

    Have a nice 10 days in our country baby ! :))

    1. Hahaha, no, not Rytmus. Majk Spirit, as always. Somehow my friends always play the concert with him :)

  4. It's so cool that you'll get an appartment!! congrats!


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