April 30, 2012
I really, really miss summer right now. The last few days in Berlin were sunny and nice, but I was at home, doing nothing, cooking loads of vegetables, haha. And now, it's getting a little colder again. But since we started planning our family summer vacation, I can look forward to the summer already! And these photos make me think of summer right now, because they were taken on a summer vacation 2011, in Greece ..

1. I really miss not wearing any make up the whole day.
2. going to little stores on the promenade
3. and enjoying the beach, taking jumping photos. 
Do you also miss summer as much as I do? 


  1. I miss summer like crazy :) I love the weather- sunny and super hot but I like to just lay down and do nothing at all :)

    We actually booked our family summer vacation in Croatia a few weeks ago and after many years I am looking forward it too! :)

  2. you're gorgeous, you know that?

    I miss summer too. Badly, but i have no place to spend the summer as you do. I would have to go south to experience the beach-summer i want.

  3. Wow, schöne Bilder und Du siehst soooo gut aus ^_^

  4. Yeah,it's summer here now, 30C degrees. So so hot.

  5. Replies
    1. yes the last one is super one

  6. Nice pics!

  7. Great photos!



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