April 6, 2012
one of the pictures taken yesterday evening. 

Yesterday I was out with my friends, and afterwards, we went to a club. It was a fun night, but the next morning was hard.  No, not because of what you think, haha. I had a big fight with a person, who is very important to me and some of the things that were said to me hurt me a lot, even more than I thought they would. But whatever, I don't like to talk about negative things here, and also not about private stuff. Soooo .. I hope you had a great night, enjoy your days tomorrow and just .. be positive! ♥


  1. Oh honey, sorry that you had a fight, I a few fight myself with the persons that I care about, and it sucks and sometime there's no coming back.

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  3. Sweetheart everything is gonna be alright :))) I promise! :))

    What a beautiful smile! :) (I made a mistake so I deleted comment before :) )

    1. thanks for the compliment :) And as I said, I hope you will be doing much better too as soon as possible :)

  4. Moc krásná fotka...krásný usměv...sluší ti to


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