April 26, 2012
You have no idea how happy I am right now. The spot I had on my arm (because of the complications with my liver) is almost gone!! What does that mean?! That I will be able to eat like a normal person again! (And to party, of course, but if I start speaking about that part, I don't think would ever end) Fruit, milk products and sugar, here I come! My gosh, am I happy right now! And there are some other things I'd like to talk about today, but I can't, because I am really really excited. I noticed just now and my roommate also said he can barely see it anymore .. so it's not just my impression. 
this is how I look like right now. happy & satisfied!
Yeah, so, anyways .. hope you all had a great day, enjoy the rest of the evening. 


  1. tak to Ti přeju, ale nezapomeň všeho s mírou a radši počkej co řekne doktor, dneska byl odpoledne tak si to snad přečetl a napíše co a jak dál

  2. I'm really happy that you are good sweetie :).

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