May 2, 2012
Well hello there ♥ Enjoying the summer feeling we have almost all over Europe right now? I kind of don't, because the last few days, we had a really great weather in Berlin, but I ended up staying home every day. Yap, nothing to do right now .. But actually, I didn't even feel like going anywhere. I am feeling weird, I really miss my slovakian friends sometimes, a lot and I would really need someone here to hug me, to cuddle with me. I need some closeness, just like everyone else does. Don't they? But well, what can I do? In three weeks, eS will be here and I am really looking forward to it.
a picture I took in 2009. I call it "Numb". 
 I hope you are all using the sunny days much better than I am ..
Petush ♥


  1. don't worry. i had that feeling for 4 days, when i was on a trip with my classmates. wasn't it weird, being with friends and being lonely meantime? i hate that feeling so much.

    1. I know exactly what you mean! And it's one of the worst feelings, really .. here in germany for me, it's like .. I like all of my friends here, but still, I had such good friends back in Slovakia, that it's hard to somehow .. feel the same here :)

  2. I miss my home friends so much too, and the fact that last weekend was my b-day made me feel worst. One day, I hope this feeling will pass.

  3. uuh, das klingt traurig...Kopf hoch Kleines!

  4. Does a hug from someone you don't know in Mexico help?


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