May 25, 2012
Hello hello ♥ Just like I said before, I dont have a lot of time for the blog. Actually, not for anything. But right now, I don't mind, because I am fully enjoying Berlin again! Yesterday, me and eS went to my schoolmates' soccer game in the evening and today, we went shopping for presents for Knut. Then we went back to his house and we woke him up by singing/saying happy birthday. 
And right now, we are eating dinner and getting ready for the evening - Karneval der Kulturen, some Open Air Party & then Club der Visionäre. So it's gonna be a long, long night ;) 

Enjoy your Friday Evening! ♥


  1. Hope you had a good dinner :), have a fun weekend.

  2. This is great!! I will be going to Berlin in August for the first time! I don't know any German, and to be honest, I am kind of scared! I know it will be fun! I can't wait!



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