May 3, 2012
Hi everyone! ♥ I wanted to post a videomessage at first, because I literally wasn't able to sit up and write something earlier today, but now I am feeling a liiittle better. The thing is, I was feeling really weird this morning, but I decided to go to Uni anyways. Bad decision. I felt like shit the whole day, at one point I just had to lay down and try to relax. And as soon as I came home, I threw up. And threw up again, and again .. I am feeling really week right now, a little better though. I just hope this will be over as soon as possible. 

I hope that you are all doing much better than me. Enjoy your thursday evening! 


  1. uuu you poor baby..hope you will be better soon!!

  2. Sweety, you've been feeling bad for some time now, you should go to a doctor, you really should.


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