May 5, 2012
I am having a "Panik" day today. I have been browsing through old files in my computer and through my old blog about the band Panik (or you might remember them as Nevada Tan). And also through all of my memories connected to the band and everything connected to it. Back in 2007, me and eS established one of many blogs about "Nevada Tan". It was called And as the time went on, it was the most visited blog about the band in Slovakia. I got to know so many wonderful people through this blog, unfortunately, I am not in contact with many of them anymore. 

The first concert we went to was in Prague. After the 4,5 hour drive, we were one of the first people to be there. There, we have met a couple of girls, but the most important of them being Itchy, Adélka, Negi & W€uUu and we became fast friends, later calling ourselves "Panik Clan". The last two being the admins of our "rival-blog" from Czech Republic. But on that day, neither of us really cared. 

 me and es early in the morning on our way to Prague
The concert was one of the most amazing I have ever been to. When I think about it, I smile. The first time we got to the first row, haha. I was exhausted, but I enjoyed the concert anyways. The band is a great band, but what made it amazing was their live performance. The way they interacted with us, the fans. A part from my concert review (written back in 2007), corrected of course into normal english, haha: "I found a piece of paper and with Itchy's marker, I wrote "Bitte ein Plektron" on it. During the concert, I tried showing it to the guitarist, David, as much as possible. At one moment, he saw it and smiled. When the song was over and the lights were dimmed, I saw him coming towards me, he gave me the "Plektron". In that moment I felt so many hands hitting me from the back, as they tried to reach David and touch him, but I didn't care, because the "Plektron" was safe in my hand. I couldn't believe it. This made the concert perfect." And those were exactly the little things that made the concert so unique and special to me back then. I came home the next day, put the "Plektron" in a frame and couldn't believe my luck. Ha, I almost forgot, we were the first ones to get inside the club, haha. Thanks to the nice security guy!

Two days later, me and eS went to Vienna for a signing session. Of course I was excited to see the band again! But after a couple of hours in front of the Nike Store, where it was supposed to happen, we were told that the signing session was cancelled. We were both really sad, but we got over it, somehow.

After some time, we started playing with the idea of connecting our blogs. Nevadatan-SK and cool-nevada-tan by Negi & W€uUu. And in 2008, we got the chance to do so. Not in the best circumstances though. 

The fandom was informed, that there were some problems between the band and their management. I think I was on a school skiing trip back then and eS was trying to call me the whole day, before she finally reached me on my cell phone. As soon as I came back to Bratislava, we started working on a new blog. The band had to change their name and since we were loyal to the band, we changed the name of our blog too. It was a risk, but it turned out to be a great thing, making it the most visited blog in Czech Republic and Slovakia. And that made all four of us really proud.
In 2009, the band played a couple of acoustic concerts. So I decided to go to Vienna to see them play live again. eS was in the USA at that time, so I went with Nika and Adélka. And once again, it was a great experience and a really great concert, even though we were standing in front of the Snipes store where the concert was happening for long hours and it started later than it was supposed to. First row once again, of course. Also thanks to one of the workers in Snipes, who made sure we got to the first row for waiting there so long. I think we all know how some girls can be when it comes to first row on concerts and them coming later, but being a bit bigger and stronger than me and my friends .. well, we had luck. 

Again, the concert was special to me. Me and the girls took a slovakian flag with us. I have written the address of my blog on it and before the concert even begun, one of the guys from the band said something about out blog. I can't remember correctly who it was, but in my old concert review is written something like this: "And then David pointed on the flag, saying that Timo is always showing him the site". Yes, Timo, the rapper, already mention our blog in one of his posts on myspace before the concert, but in that moment, I was just so proud of me and the other girls taking care of the blog! 

After the concert, they signed our stuff and even though my dad wanted to go back home right away (for some reason, he was in Vienna with us, I guess we were too young to be there alone, he thought? No idea), but that wasn't an option for me. I took pictures with all of the guys and only then we could go home 

And then, the news about the band splitting up came. I was hysterical, I have to admit it. Calling eS, even though she was in the US, during one of her lessons. I had no idea what would happen to the band, what would happen to our blog and everything around it. It might sound crazy, but you have to understand, this blog was everything to us. Two years of really hard work, translating every single article about the band, every video, research, looking for stuff the other blogs didn't post already .. I came home after school every day and I spent my whole day working on the blog. 

The last concert of the band was going to happen in Paris. At first, I thought there was no way I would go there, but we made it! Earlier that year, I got really sick when my class went on a trip to Paris. Back then, my parents promised me we would go to Paris later. And this was the perfect time to go there, because we had holidays. So we went to Paris for a couple of days. 

since I don't have any pictures from the concert in Paris - I just wanted to enjoy the concert and afterwards, I wanted eS to have some photos with them too, since she wasn't at the Vienna concert - I am posting this one with David from another occasion.

I can't find my concert review from Paris anymore, which pisses me off right now. I remember me and eS coming to the club early in the morning, not seeing the camping fans, so we went to buy something to eat and drink and as we came back, there were already many people in front of the club. Shit, we thought to ourselves. Front row was our priority that night of course. Some of the people have slept in front of the club, which is .. well, I'd rather not comment on it ;)

Anyways, even though we had the numbers 87 and 86 (I think it was something like that, not sure about the exact numbers anymore), we made it a little closer to the entrance as the day went on. We made friends with some of the german girls and also with the french girls. We didn't get to the first row though. I was standing in the second row, eS and one of our czech friends (whom I didn't mention yet, I just realized) were in the third row. Nevertheless, the concert was awesome. And also the support act was great (Destination Anywhere)! 

This time, I got my second "Plektron" from David. It wasn't as exciting as it was in Prague, since I was older and I knew the boys a little, but it was still pretty cool, that he gave it to me, even though he had to reach in the second row for me to get it. 

Well, this is my longest blog entry ever, but not that it matters. I think it was about to time to summarize it, mostly for myself. To remember .. to kind of re-live it once again. 

The thing is: what makes a band awesome are the little things around it, everything that happened because of the band, more or less. The people you get to know, the things you experience on the concerts and on the trips you go on because of the concerts .. and everything around it. 
 one of the small Panik Fan - Meetings we used to organize
Panik Clan in 2007 ↑ and 2008, without Adél ↓
W€uUu, Negi, eS & me on the girls' visit to Bratislava

Even though some people will never understand other people's attachment to different bands, it doesn't matter to me. Because this is something unique. I would never regret spending all the time I did working on the blog, or spending so much money for traveling to the concerts, or anything else. Not even all the hate I have received in those years. From people who tried to get out blog closed to the people trying to bring us down in eyes of the band (I think I will never forget those comments under Timo's Myspace Blog about our blog, even though now, I just laugh about them). It's the kind of lifestyle I had the last couple of years and I really miss it. The memories from this time are priceless. ♥

I actually bet there was no one who read the who article to the end, but if you did, I would like to know - did you ever have a band you liked so much, that you had a blog about, or traveled all around Europe to see their concerts?


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