June 5, 2012
I wasn't in a good mood during the last days, but I guess it's just because of the bad Berlin weather. I mean, come on, it's June already. This is not the time for rain and for 17°C, it really isn't!

in Berlin, when I was applying for the Uni -
the weather was amazing ♥

Other than that, I am preparing myself for not being able to eat anything other than vegetables, because the pills for my liver arrived a couple of days ago from my mom. 

And not to forget, my new lita shoes got here last week, they are just like the old ones - black, but these are made of a leather-like material and they are much better quality than the old ones. I have to show them to you some time. 

Anyways, have a nice Monday afternoon ♥


  1. Oh girl, smile! You are beautiful, that is one reason to feel good :).

  2. Ein sehr schönes Foto :)

    Du bist wirklich sehr schön und auch noch eine Slowakin :)) ich bin auch dort geboren... leider beherrsche ich die Sprache nicht mehr :(((( da ich schon seit 20 Jahren in Deutschland wohne....

    Viele liebe Grüße

    Tina <33

  3. Right? The weather is horrible :( But you're beautiful :)

  4. Hello my new Blogging Friend :) I linked you. Great outfit!

  5. beauty :) (fanned on lookbook)


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