June 17, 2012
What is Blogging Friends?
I found out about "Blogging Friends" through Ina. Blogging Friends were founded by Stef, and the point of "BF" is exchanging banners with other blogs - favorite blogs.

How to join? 
If you are interested, you need to have your own banner (100px × 80px) and you need to contact me. Either post a comment under this post, or write me an email (that would be the better choice):
How to make a banner? 
If you don't know how to make a banner, you just need a picture /owned by you/. If you have one, contact me by writing me on my email address and I will make a banner for you. 

Any other questions? || || comment section below

My Banners


  1. och Mensch, ich will wissen wie das mit dem button geht, gibts da einen link, wo du des gelernt hast :/
    aber ich schick dir jetzt 'ne eMail.
    Danke schonmal :))
    Marley ♥

  2. wow,respekt, ich bring mir das immer im internet bei :D
    toll und meine email shcfatts nicht diesen anhang hochzuladen -.- naja ,
    ich versuchs nochmal wenn nicht dann muss ichs mir halt selbst beibringen ;)
    danke trotzdem :*


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