June 27, 2012
Hello my darlings ♥ I am really stressed at the moment. We are moving on Friday and I am packing every day a little, but today, I have to pack the most of the things, because tomorrow, I wanna go watch football/soccer with my friend C. 

I almost forgot to complain about the lack of sleep .. but I am sure you can see that in the picture ;D

But for some reason, my room looks fuller & fuller even though I've packed many boxes already. Other than that, I am starting to get ready to leave Germany for a month in the summer, which scares me a little bit, because I know how much I'm gonna miss Berlin while I am gone. But on the other hand, I can't wait to spend some time with my slovakian friends, with my cousine, who's coming to visit me from the US and to spend some quality family time far away from all the problems and "real life". 

And my new motto sounds: I never wanna move again, haha!
Petush ♥ 

btw. It's my Namesday on Friday. Not that I usually celebrate this, or something, but it's gonna be weird to have a Namesday in a land, where nobody knows what it even is .. 


  1. nice blog!

  2. oh moving really seems like taking a lot of time but see it on the bright side, you'll be with your family again! :)
    and happy nameday! we don't celebrate it here but all my czech friends do so I kinda got used to celebrate their day with them haha

    1. Well actually, I am not moving back to Slovakia, I am just moving into my new apartment :)

  3. *
    Hehehh Peťul.))Stěhovat se budeš určitě ještě min.1,tomu věřím.))Ale chápu tě-je to otrava!Taky stěhujeme(jen doma,ale přece)a je to namáhavé!!
    Kde přesně bydlíš na Slovensku?Já tam pojedu příští týden na pár dnů.Je tam "Pohoda festival"(letiště Trenčín).))))
    Užij si pořádně "dovolenou" a svůj rodný jazyk,hehehh.))))


    1. No, bohužiaľ s tým súhlasím, sťahovať sa ešte určite budem, ale tá myšlienka ma desí :DD

      Na Slovensku som bývala v Bratislave :) Na Pohode som pár krát bola, kedysi dávno ;D Uži si to! :)

    2. *
      Já jsem to ale blb..)) Vždyť to máš napsané i tady na blogu,že jsi z Bratislavě!.)) To jsem celá já.))


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