June 11, 2012
I found this picture in my private Facebook albums. Old, but I kind of like it .. I think, haha. Brings back many memories.

Hello my darlings ♥ How are you all doing?

I went to the Uni today again after I have missed classes on Thursday & Friday, because I wasn't feeling well. I am feeling better, but I started having really bad headaches again. Why? Well, I had to start the liver diet again, because my mom sent me the medication a couple of weeks ago and it's about the time to start taking it. It's only 16 days, but still, living without dairy products, sugar, fruit and fried stuff? It's not very pleasant. Well, I can't wait for this diet to be over allready! I hope you are all doing better than me - and I really hope you are all healthy, haha.

Other than this, I am trying to arrange everything for my new apartment. I will be getting the keys on Saturday and I can't wait to finally move in and take care about all the new furniture, about the decorating etc. I will most deffinitely post pictures on the blog when I have it all done.

I wish you all a great evening! ♥


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