June 28, 2012
I have said so many times after I bought something that I will take a picture and that I'll post it here - but somehow I always forget, or I don't have time and then the thing I bought is not new anymore. But this time, in my packing - breaks, I finally took some pictures from the stuff I bought on Wednesday.

Yellow Nailpolish "RL Young" Express Colour
As the most of you may know, I really hate this color - and wearing it on my nails, well, I am not a big fan of that either. But since the Germans are playing soccer on Thursday, I decided to paint my nails in black - red - gold (or yellow). So I bought the smallest yellow nailpolish I could find and we will see how it goes.

"Sweet Times" & "Vanilla Spirit" Perfumes by Mel Merio
After being fed up by Beyoncé's "Heat", which smelled great, but after a couple of minutes, you couldn't smell it anymore, I decided to look for a new scent. I always used to get "Wild" by Mexx, but since I came to Germany, I couldn't find it anywhere. So I decided not to invest much anymore and buy something cheap, but amazingly good smelling. And here they are. "Sweet Times" is a fruity and candy smelling perfume and that's exactly the way I like it! It kind of reminds me of one of my favorites, Kylie Minoque's "Showtime". And the "Vanilla Spirit" is just .. vanilla all the way. Which I hate in food, or as a a flavour, but I love to smell it.

"Hypnotic Look" Fake Lashes by "RL Young"
What can I say? When I go to a party, I like to wear fake ones. It's just much more comfortable and longer lasting. And even though my favorite one's are from Sally's, I can only get them when I am in Atlanta. So I decided to try new ones.  

Manhattan Dip Eyeliner - Waterproof
I needed a new one. And even though this isn't one with the little tiny brush on the end, I think it will work great, we will see. Anyways, why can't I find one with a little tiny brush here in Germany? Damn it!
So what do you think? Do you also support the soccer team from your country by wearing the colors of the flag on your nails/face/etc? What kind of perfume do you prefer? Do you wear fake lashes?

Love, Petush ♥


  1. Hey Süße,
    sehr schöne Sachen! Die Nagellack Farbe gefällt mir wirklich richtig gut :)
    Sieht toll aus!!

    Liebste Grüße & einen schönen Donnerstag!!

  2. Der Nagellack gefällt mir auch sehr gut :) Tolle Farbe!!!



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