June 1, 2012
Hello hello ♥ I am really sorry for not blogging much right now, but I think that you all got used to me posting less when eS is in Berlin with me. The part that is worst about it - I am not able to catch up with all your blogs, but as soon as I have some more time, I will do that, I promise!

Anyways, right now I am waiting for her to get ready, so that we can go to Hambuuurg! We are going there for a Kay One concert and other than that, I am really excited about seeing Antonia after 4 years.

It will be a hard day for us, because we have to stay up till 9:00 am, then we can sleep for 3 hours on the bus back to Berlin, but that's not much either. And we all know very well, how important sleeping is to me. I need my nice 10 - or more hours, then I am satisfied. 

So, enjoy your friday night, I am sure me and eS will do some vlogging, so I will post all of that later. 

Love, Petush


  1. *
    Super, super - enjoy it!! Já pojedu na fesťák k vám na Slovensko.DD Taky se těším hrozně moc.))

  2. Nächstes Mal wenn du hier bist oder ich in Berlin sehen wir uns 10000000000%ig! :-(


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