July 14, 2012
Hey there! How is everyone doing? I am just fine, just got home from being out with my friends, recording some vocals for a friend of mine and stuff .. so I better start packing now, because at 2 AM we're leaving for the airport. Who is "we"? Me, my parents, eS and my cousin. We're going to Italy tonight, and even though I wasn't really excited about going, I am getting excited now. I can't wait to chill a little bit, since I've been pretty stressed in the last time.
a picture I took at my grandma's yesterday.
I am really sorry for the lack of posts and for not leaving as many comments on your blogs as I used to, I'm busy busy busy, I've been traveling a lot these days and this will continue. But I promise to get into the normal routine as soon as possible.

By the way, I hope you're enjoying your holidays! 
Petush ♥


  1. How can you not be excited, Italy?!?!? Girl!!!! Have fun!

  2. great pic!



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