July 8, 2012
I am so so sorry for not posting anything the last couple of days - and for not commenting on my favorite blogs. My internet at home, like I already said, is totally fucked up. I am in Paderborn, Germany at the moment - and for some reason, my internet stick seems to work perfectly here. I am not going to tell you yet what exactly I'm doing here, you will see it on pictures very soon, I promise. What I can tell you is, that today was prettay tiring, but fun!

Tomorrow I'll be going back to Berlin, Monday will be "packing day", because on Tuesday, I'll be leaving for Pardubice, where my grandma lives. On Wednesday, I'll finally be in Bratislava, even though it's just for a couple of days, because then me, eS, my cousin and my parents are going to Italy for a family vacation.

Busy busy busy, but I promise, I'll find time for the blog anyways. If I will be able to connect this damn laptop to internet, haha. But I wish you all a great rest of the weekend and an amazing next week. Mine will be great, no matter what, because this Friday was the last day of the Uni .. till August. 

Love, Petush

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  1. it sounds like you have a great time, so enjoy and have fun:)


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