July 25, 2012

 Hello there ♥ Sorry for not posting anything yesterday, I was gone the whole day, birthday party of my friends volume 2. .. here are some pictures from our infamous trip to the Stromboli vulcano. Why infamous? Well, all of us except for my mom got sea sick, Lina, my cousin threw up, which I don't think I've seen her do before, haha. And I didn't even get to take a picture of the explosion. 1st time because of thče crazy slovakian tourists and the other two times because I thought I'd throw up all of my internal organs out, haha


  1. Sehr sehr schöne Bilder Liebes!!
    Würde auch soo gerne in den Urlaub!
    Liebste Grüße

  2. Ty jo, super fotky§ Hltám tvůj blog, zrovna dnes jsem jej objevila a určitě budu follow!!!

  3. Vulkane sind cool haha, finde die interessant. :D


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