August 13, 2012
Hey there darlings ♥ I really miss you, you know? My internet is still not working properly, I am using the internet stick and there is just 2mb left, haha. I still have no idea when they will install out DSL, but I am getting pretty pissed. 

Anyways, last week at Uni was pretty boring and I went home full of hatred every day .. but this week we are working with Adobe - PS, Illustrator, etc. Which is really exciting for me, since I have already worked with all of these and can not wait to learn more! 

I hope you are all doing great. I was trying to get eS to write a guest post, since I am not able to post, but she is not very excited about that. But just in case she does, be good to her, please. 

Love, Petush ♥

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