August 8, 2012
This is a really hard one. I mean .. black is my favorite color of all, especially on clothes? It's the perfect color to match with (and I am a color matching freak) and as a color on a dress, or on heels, it's just perfect. It can be elegant, but also "rockig". So picking my favorite black items was really really hard. I only chose those, which I absolutely love or have, not everything that I liked, I don't think I'd be able to post this, I'd still be browsing. So give it up for the black selection ..

I. I absolutely love - and always have - leather shorts. And for my 19th birthday just a couple of days ago, I got my first ones, from eS ♥ They are even prettier than these on the picture, haha (and of course not real leather) II. My all time favorite from all the Chanel bags .. I don't think I have anything more to say to it. Love iiit *___* III. Don't have one yet, but this black one is the prettiest one I've seen so far. IV. Classic. Jeffrey Campbells. And since I have the same ones - and I absolutely love them - I just had to include them. V. Ray-Ban .. anything else to say? Own them, love them, they are the most used sunglasses from my 20 VI. Studded leather jacket - I love studs, I love leather jackets, I think they are the most practical jackets of all VII. JC boots. Have almost the same pair, bought them just a couple of weeks ago and even though it's summer now, they are the most worn shoes at the moment by me VIII. I need one. Right now! IX. Just like I already said .. I love studs. And as  we all know, I love heels. X. .. can't wait to get me one of these *___* XI. Perfeeeect! Like I said couple of days ago, I love skater dresses XII. Simple black heels. The perfect ending of this "black stylecheck". 

click on "read more" to see where to get these 

Leather Shorts [LINK HERE]
Chanel 2.5 [BUY IT HERE]
Black Dip Skirt [LINK HERE]
J.Campbell Black Litas [BUY IT HERE]

Ray Ban Acetate Wayfarer [BUY IT HERE]
 Studded Biker Jacker [BUY IT HERE]
Jeffrey Campbell - Bexley [BUY IT HERE]
Black Diamond Bra [BUY IT HERE]

Woman Spike Platform Stiletto Heels [BUY IT HERE]

 R. Cavalli Florence [BUY IT HERE]
Heartshaped back skater dress [LINK HERE]
Superhigh Platform Heels [BUY IT HERE]


  1. uu černá je nej, pár kousků bych si vybrala!

  2. Schwarz ist auch mein Favorit.. Und ich will die Chanel 2.55!! :D


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