August 17, 2012
Bralet, Bralett, Bralette .. 

It's the newest trend I fell in love with - and believe me, I don't fall in love with trends that often. But these bralet tops, they are kind of special. From the time I was a small girl, I loved corsettes. And these are something between a tanktop and a corsette. Perfect! My only problem is - I don't like to show my belly. Which means, there is only one way for me to wear it, with my small black skirt. As you can see, my favorites are floral patterns and the studded ones. But is there anything studded I don't like? Haha.

But I wanted to know what you think about this trend. Do you like it? Would you wear it? 
Here is me in my new bralet top - with the american flag pattern. Like?


  1. *
    Závist.))Je to krásné,ale ne pro všechny-jako např.pro mě.))Ale doufám,že se to jednou může změnit..hehh.))

    SLUŠÍ ti to!.))

  2. Your belly is awesome, I don't know why you don't like to show it :(
    I think bralets are great, but I don't have any. Do you know where to buy them?

  3. great blog dear <3 It's so pretty <3<3<3 I've also a blog :) If do you like also we could follow each other :D

  4. love it!

  5. Die Bralets mit den Nieten sind so cool!


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