August 16, 2012
Well .. I still don't have internet at home, but I've started taking my laptop to Uni again, because we are learning to work with Adobe InDesign - and so that I can post and schedule posts. I was really hoping eS would post something - I mean, she is more into shopping for clothes for example than me - but she didn't really find the time. So instead of listening to the teacher, I am taking care of the blog. Oh and about the design - I don't know about that either, eS doesn't seem to be in the mood to finish it, so .. I don't know when it will be uploaded here. 

Anyways, here is the "Cheetah Pattern Stylecheck". And this was a challenge for me, because even though I was a fan of it a couple of years ago (only the colored cheetah pattern, like dark green or vintage pink), I never really wore a lot of it. 

I think the thing is, that very often, it looks slutty, or just .. not fashionable. So I have chosen only 6 items I would wear and buy for myself.

  1. THE DRESS. I really love this "admiral" style dress. But I think it's really important to wear it with the right blazer and right shoes to not look too "cheetahee". 
  2. BRALET TOP. I absolutely love this one!
  3. CHEETAH LIPS TSHIRT. I like it, because only one element on the shirt is cheetah pattern, that's what I like the most!
  4. CHEETAH WEDGES! I was actually thinking of buying some like these, but once again - you have to choose the right outfit to go with the shoes. No other cheetah pattern - or maybe a hat in the same color and pattern, or a scarf. 
  5. CHEETAH BATHING SUIT. I absolutely love these. Since the cheetah pattern can be very sexy, it's the perfect print for a bathing suit, because that's the right time to be sexy! And - I love this style of bathing suits! 
  6. CHEETAH TANK. Because it's black and down, the cheetah pattern is taken down a little and I like that! But don't wear this with other cheetah pattern clothing!
Unfortunately, I can't tell you where to get these, because the sites are blocked by the Uni server. 

So what do you think about the cheetah pattern? Do you wear it/would you wear it?


  1. Love leopard print, that dress is cute, nice blog, follow each other?

  2. I'm not a huge fan of leopard prints, but I'm in love with your blog! Congrats!! I'm already following it!

    If you like to visit mine:

  3. Great picks. I Love the shoes.


  4. *
    I really like it! Unfortunately I don't wear it, but I would like to wear it!



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